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Finding ACP Mosaic is a new trend of decorative material in the market, which is eco-friendly and recyclable. It has a distinctive metallic texture, rich colors and unique patterns. Hundreds of available styles for your option, also can customize the unique styles and sizes with different textures and colors as your requirement, which can provide a unique and distinctive looks for your commercial and residential design projects. It is widely applied to high-grade hotels, restaurants, KTV, club, home decoration, office, exhibition center, stores, etc.

Description: Aluminum composite panel mosaic (ACP Mosaic)

Pad:Self-adhesive / Mesh-net

Thickness: 5mm(Surface aluminum: 0.15mm, Bottom aluminum: 0.10mm, Core: PE material)

Weight:about 5 kgs per sqm

Application: Interior

Packing: Inner packing – Covered with PVC plastic protective film Outer packing – Carton box & Wooden pallet packing


1. Ultra strong stick force

The self-adhesive pad we used American 3M two-side glue with excellent stick force, to avoid the grains to peel off.

2. Ultra weathering resistance

Superior corrosive resistance of surface coating, may adapt the ambient temperature (-30℃ to 80℃), it can keep gorgeous surface for a long time, 10 years guarantees.

3. High impact resistance

The PE core is for high polymer resin, can prevent the breakage, has high strength and impact resistance.

4. Light weight, easy to install

5kgs/sqm, the installation is simple and quickly, can DIY by yourself, to reduce the construction cost.

5. Uniform coating & Bright color

Chemical treatment and skin membrane technology makes excellent adhesion between coating and metal, uniform color and luster, diverse colors make individual character.

6. Easy to maintain

Only needs clean by wet cloth with the neutral cleansing, suggest every year one time.

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